It all started in 2003 when I bought my first camera - persistent in taking photos of my family, friends and any random object I saw. In the next few years I invested and refined my craft.
10 years later (2013) I had my first international breakthrough with “The Story of the Creative - an international exhibition” in New York. Little did I know that I would later have more successful international exhibitions. Returning to New York, I was part of the “Time Square Art take over” where my work was broadcasted all over Time Square.
Another highlight of 2013 was being invited to present my work for the SCOPE Miami Beach showcase.

Finding the perfect shot doesn’t drive me as much as capturing that “WOW” moment. It’s is about finding a way to show someone how you see them and not how they see themselves, as if they are looking at themselves from a different perspective. People often focus on their flaws and tend forget how beautiful they actually are.

All price are subject to change depending on requirements per shoot.

Shoots scheduled for during the week are limited, Saturdays are available. If you need prices for any other type of shoot, feel free to contact me.